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the roundish jar

In a world not far away

this new world straining with war

with kings pondering their battles

planning the death of their soldiers

thinking of all out destruction

thinking of ultimate revenge

with the angry thoughts of combat

when bravely forward steps a boy

clutching tight a large roundish jar

like holding a solid gold bar

like grasping his loving puppy

while his hand holds the top seal

ready to open the roundish jar

a pickle jar glassy and clear

from a party he brought his jar

a birthday party of children

full of frivolity and cheer

full of laughs and boundless delight

in this party he opened this jar

opened for a long count of three

opened the jar at the birthday

now stepping forth up to the kings

with his roundish jar of delight

with his roundish jar of giggles

he unscrewed the top of the jar

and opened it in the war room

a room full of thoughts of conflict

a room as serious as death

the death of many young soldiers

but now the air was made lighter

by the opening of the jar

the big jar of rolling giggles

the jar of wonderful laughter

as the kings could not help smiling

and captains could not help hugging

then the world knew no anger

saved by a jar full of giggles


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