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the little yeti

‘neath arches of city center

'neath towers of concrete stillness

like staggered cubes in formation

and checkered round the asphalt paths

so still the roadways of the night

with white flecks falling all about

fluffy chips so moist and chilly

pushed to the side by some machine

a young boy carefully trudging

from head to toe in plastic green

with mittened hands swinging slowly

this little yeti dressed in green

holding tight inside his clenched hand

all of the wealth of a rich man

or all the riches of genies

or all the gold in the world

soon he slowly stopped his trudging

midst floating flakes landing about

among downtown walkways of white

on a deserted night so calm

as at this moment he looked up

as he spotted something ahead

way up forward in the nighttime

a lone figure hunching downward

a crumpled man looking downward

menacing maybe this figure

as turned with his back to the wind

with empty bottles by his feet

gathering snowflakes as to hide

the only hope of lonesome warmth

the only hope of thawed out tears

the only hope of some respite

the boy stopped in his yeti tracks

with fearfulness now by his side

like a deer who sights a lobo

like a rabbit who spies a fox

who suddenly leaps up to run

faster than lightning could take him

as fast as a hare can scamper

with his heart beating so swiftly

up to the man he then stopped still

huffing out vapor in the cold

then stretched out his wet green mitten

towards the man he held his hand

a hand with four crinkled up bills

a hand open with dollar bills

as the man who shivered this night

took from the boy four dollar bills

and opened his cracked lips to speak

perhaps to give give thanks to the boy

perhaps to introduce himself

as he began words to the child

then the little yeti sprinted

running away so fast he did

like a deer who sights a lobo

who suddenly leaps up to run

from the old man standing alone

holding 4 dollars now tightly

looking down at the money now

the gift given from a small heart

a gift that reached to his worn heart

that warmed him warmer than whiskey

that touched him more than a bottle

and opened his soul forever


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