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Home (sestina)

Gem amidst pebbles, iridescent earth

swirling wishes; creations create

a stone gives birth to beads of light

dancing thru dreamy forests that sing

fair songs of creatures shaped by forever

this magical carnival we call home

child in the corner, banished at home

missing sound in this symphony called earth

from the orchestra that lasts forever

not from him comes beauty’s touch to create

like a finch alone in the dark won’t sing

lost, yearning, the finch, lost, yearning for light

but forward the march with loud claims of light

conquers and conversions, home by home

we are right, king of the mountain we sing

as if land can be owned, puzzling the earth

in universes where all doth create

human forays fall short of forever

tools of thought, they say solve forever

like a maze to capture love’s light

not a rose can ruse intellect create

but discoveries misused find a home

no computations when beauty raised earth

manifestations of finches who sing

immortal we want of us, others to sing

does living in minds mean life forever?

today's thoughts, dreams, bouncing around earth

will fade into new aeons of grand light

even to vapor this planet called home

as beauty unfolds, new cosmos create

know all will pass too with all they create

know all will be born with new songs to sing

self-import owners, it’s a rocky ride home

unlike the hearts, hearts set on forever

the raven crows, rest your heart on the light

man out of the corner one day this earth

live to create, the dance moves forever

so dance and sing, in the flickering light

everywhere's home, we who are born on earth


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