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Have you ever been called a chicken?

I have. Chicken.

It’s a word more often used by children

to describe one who is without courage,

one who chooses to run

rather than face a challenge.

I don’t know why they say someone

who’s scared is a chicken.

All of the real chickens of

the animal world that I’ve come across

were pretty courageous.

I was a soldier long ago.

But I I still had to run from

a real chicken in a farmyard once.

It was quite fearless.

Does that make me the real chicken?

Then, there is the game of chicken.

Or it is more like a contest.

It goes like this:

Two brave souls each line up in a car

facing each other from a ways away.

Then, they simultaneously race towards

each other at flank speed.

The one who turns away

from a head-on collision first

is the chicken.

Of course, if there is no chicken,

then they both die.

Some say death is better

than being a chicken.

But what of those that play this game

with others sitting in the car seats?

Maybe millions of others.

Isn’t playing chicken with others’ lives

kind of like being a chicken —

even before the outcome is determined?

Damn chickens.


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